Hi, Im Chad.

I am a University of Nevada Reno student studying Computer Science and Engineering. I have always been passionate about coding and engineering. In high school, I loved doing robotics. Now in college, I have found my love for software development through trying to find solutions to complicated problems.



With the CEO of Connected Future Labs, Dr. Montgomery, as our advisor, we set out to create a fitness app centered around the Emotibit. This was my capstone project that I worked on with a very talented team of 4. Emoticoach has a mobile and webapp that lets the user log workouts and view live biometric data.

Hackathon Game "IT Support"

Created a windows pc game using GODOT. The game was made in 17 Hours during a UNR Hackathon. Play as an It man who has to turn off computers while an unknown figure chases you.

Tesla Internship

Created a solution to train associates on changes made to the line to lower manufacturing errors. I collaborated with multiple teams to develop the program. I used SQL, Python, and Ignition with the software. Each training station had a badge sensor to look up the person and verify their training status.

IGT Internship

Worked as a software engineering intern at IGT. I used Angular to create a frontend for a scheduling service. The backend used Typescript with Node and Express.


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