My projects

Research Project Moonrakers Boardgame AI


While Studying abroad, a friend and I worked with a professor to research and develop a large language model (LLM) able to play the board game Moonrakers. Researched how to create a simple image detection model and trained an LLM on the rules. The image detection model was trained on YOLO v8, Vector Database with ChromaDB, OpenAI GPT-3.5 & GPT-4.0 as LLM.

Full report



With the CEO of Connected Future Labs, Dr. Montgomery, as our advisor, we set out to create a fitness app centered around the Emotibit. This was my capstone project that I worked on with a very talented team of 4. Emoticoach has a mobile and web app that lets users log workouts and view live biometric data. The mobile app was created using Angular Ionic. The backend is hosted on a home server using Django and Docker.

CSV to Spotify Playlist

This is a python script I created that uses the Spotify API to prompt the user to log in to their Spotify account through the web-browser and then lets the user create a playlist or add a list of songs to their liked songs.

Picture of some code next to the spotify login page
Picture of some code next to the spotify login page
Online Version of a Board Game Moonrakers

Working on creating a online multiplayer version of Moonrakers on a website so I can play with my friends from back home. I am using Angular and Firebase for my stack. Still working on cleaning up the UI.

IT Support

Play as an IT Guy who has to turnoff all the computers at the office before he leaves but somethings not right as you notice your being followed. This was created during a UNR hackathon and we won 1st place in peoples choice.

play the game here: